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What is Bodhi Birth all about?

Most childbirth education today focuses too narrowly on mental preparation. That's an important aspect, but it's incomplete. Too many women are needlessly experiencing postpartum with intense trauma, overwhelm, confusion, violation, regret, anxiety, and depression. We don't need to fear birth, we need to better prepare for it. 


If a woman spends all her time in her head, she inadvertently neglects

the other critical aspects of her Nature

Bodhi Birth prepares you mentally, but also physically, emotionally, and spiritually, too! It's about understanding your options and rights, opening yourself to new perspectives on birth, digging into your fear, and discovering your personal power in any and all birth scenarios. 


because giving birth is certainly not just a mental activity


Giving birth requires ALL OF YOU--your mind, body, and soul working as one. When a woman experiences that "oneness," she experiences BODHI, which means awakening. What does she wake up to? Her personal power. How a woman approaches her childbirth will serve as a template for how she responds to everything else in her life. If she can discover her voice in the labor room, she'll have it forever.

An awakened birth is an awakened life

Is Bodhi Birth a Method or a Philosophy?

Bodhi Birth is a new & ancient philosophy of childbirth


Pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum are profound opportunities for "waking up." We facilitate and nurture that awakening through Yoga, Meditation, Education, and Emotional Processing. 


Bodhi Birth women and couples gain invaluable, practical resources and tools that can be used in the labor room and throughout the rest of your life. Some choose to use the meditation and pranayama techniques AS A METHOD for coping in labor. But ultimately, there is no one right way to give birth. There are as many ways to have a baby as there are women, so learning only one rigid method can be limiting and create potential trauma if that method doesn't suit you in the moment. Instead, Bodhi Birth teaches that your intuition is the surest method available to see you through your birth AND LIFE!

the method is YOU! 


This course is the culmination of over a decade of research, life experience, and training. It is inspired by several different approaches and mentors, particularly: Syl Carson’s "Bodhi Yoga" philosophy, Bruce Newman’s "Calm Birth" approach, Frederick Leboyer's works, Pam England's works, and Gurmukh’s "Khalsa Way." It represents thousands of hours of dedicated study and research in pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, meditation and yoga. After studying and utilizing the most prominently known methods of childbirth preparation (namely Lamaze, Bradley, and Hypnobabies) Bodhi Birth naturally developed, pulling in all the best of each while bringing it up to date--creating a cohesive, eclectic, holistic approach. 

Our Bodhi Birth services will educate, lift and empower you to plan for the best possible outcome, discover your personal birth preferences, and furthermore, empower you to see that whatever ends up BEING your birth experience IS the best possible birth experience for you and your baby. Claim this rite of passage for yourself. Be fully awake in your life.

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