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Private Sessions that Honor Women in the Childbirth Experience

Mentoring Bundle:

FOUR 60-Minute Sessions for the price of THREE

$180 $240

Specialty Bundle:

FOUR 90-Minute Sessions for the price of THREE

$360 $480

Personal Mentoring

Thai Partner Yoga

Closing of the Bones Ceremony

Receive personalized mentoring tailored specifically to YOU, no matter where you are in the childbearing process!

PRENATAL SESSIONS: Harness fear (let it work FOR you, not AGAINST you), process past birth experiences, create birth & postpartum maps, develop a specific yoga practice, find your voice and empowerment, know your rights, techniques for turning breech babies, and more!

POSTPARTUM SESSIONS: Process past birth experiences/trauma, 4-Aspects of Postpartum Wellness self-evaluation, Pelvic Floor & Core self-evaluation, Integrated Chakra self-assessment, create a recovery plan specific for YOUR needs, feel honored & supported.

SESSIONS MAY INCLUDE: guided meditation, energy work, education, yoga asanas, belly binding, rebozo sifting, partner yoga, and more!

Experience this one-of-a-kind session, with guided yoga stretches and deep physical-emotional release. Practiced on a soft pad rolled out on the floor, bolsters are expertly arranged to accommodate every body and to facilitate therapeutic stretching and gentle positioning. These sessions promote emotional well-being and induce a deep state of relaxation, combining a synergistic blend of marma point pressure, running sen lines and rebozo supported maneuvers. 


This session clears stagnant energy, allowing for vitality and prana to circulate freely. This one-on-one session meets you wherever you’re at in flexibility and has far-reaching benefits for all trimesters. The most telling feedback I hear after a prenatal session is, "Wow! It felt so good I forgot I was pregnant--I didn't know that was possible!"

In the South American tradition of Caurentena a mother would be nurtured for the first forty days of her postpartum. Her midwife, and other female relatives, would perform the Closing of the Bones ceremony at least five times during that forty days. A hot herbal bath would be drawn, the mother would be lovingly bathed, then she would lay down upon soft blankets and experience a rebozo massage and full-body binding.


It was believed that a mother's soul would depart during pregnancy in order to make room for the baby's soul. This ceremony calls her soul back to once again inhabit her body while closing the bones of childbirth. This ceremony is not just for postpartum, but for all major life transitions and  personal "rebirths."


Mindfully adapted, this ceremony includes: herbal infused foot bath and head massage, rebozo sifting, rebozo binding, energy work, & hot tea (usually held in your own home when possible).

60 Minutes / $60

90 Minutes / $120

90 Minutes / $120